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Have you ever thought of the need to undergo the medical screening test before applying for a Residence Visa in Dubai? This is one of the frequently asked questions by expats who decide to live or work in the UAE. This blog will provide you the complete information regarding Medical test for visa in the UAE. Al Nahda visa medical center is an authorised medical screening center in Al Nahda, Dubai that performs medical screening test for Residence visa and visa renewal requirements. Other than Dubai we have branches in the Emirates of Ajman, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah.

Why Perform Medical Screening To Acquire Residence Visa In Dubai?

Every foreign national who plans to live or work in the UAE is required to undergo a medical screening test to apply for the Residence Visa. This is mandatory under the UAE Federal Laws.
The medical screening test serves as a medical fitness test. The medical fitness test is conducted to medically examine whether the applicant is devoid of certain communicable diseases. And those communicable diseases are HIV, leprosy, tuberculosis and syphilis.
The fitness certificate will not be issued if the applicant is found to be infected with any one of the above-mentioned diseases. In that case the Residence visa will not be issued. Non-issuance of the Residence Visa would lead to the deportation of the applicant.
Therefore, the medical screening test serves as a tool to prevent the spread of communicable diseases in the UAE population. The screening process protects the health of the UAE residents. The vast majority of the UAE population (nearly 89%) comprises of the expat residents who live in the UAE as part of their work, education or family. The expat residents belong to different countries and therefore it is essential to have an effective medical screening procedure.

Dubai Residence Visa Medical Test Procedure

The screening test procedure is discussed here in detail.

  1. The screening test consists of a medical examination conducted by a doctor, blood test and an X-ray of the chest.
  2. Visit our medical fitness center or any authorised center in Dubai and register the name of the applicant.
  3. Our registration process is simple. We have two options for registration. You may either register online via our official website or opt for a direct walk-in registration, whichever convenient.
  1. Physical examination – The physical examination is conducted by a registered doctor.
  2. Blood test – The blood test is conducted as per the rules.
  3. Chest X-ray – The applicant’s X-Ray of the chest is taken to check for tuberculosis.
  4. Collection of test result – The applicant may collect the medical screening test result within the prescribed time from our center.

The overall medical screening process takes 15 to 30 minutes.

Documents Required For Dubai Residence Visa Medical Test

The mandatory documents needed for screening are the following.

Usually, a UAE Residence visa is issued for a period of 1 year, 2 years or 3 years after which it has to be renewed. The same medical screening process is compulsory for renewing the Residence Visa in the UAE. However the documents required for visa renewal are not the same.

When it comes to Residence visa renewal, the documents required are:

For visa renewal medical screening, kindly visit our Visa renewal medical center Dubai.

Benefits Of Our Medical Screening Service

Medical Screening Fees Invloved

The medial screening fees associated with our standard and VIP screening services are shared in the below table.

Time taken to obtain the results Fees involvedFees involved
STANDARD MEDICAL SCREENING 24 – 48 hrs AED 34524 – 48 hrsAED 345

Al Nahda Medical Examination Center For Residency Dubai Services

We provide a variety of services for expatriates in connection with getting Residence visa in the UAE. Medical screening is our core service area. We have authorised typing centers to provide Emirates ID application form typing, medical application form typing in Dubai. We also assist expats in acquiring Health Insurance in Dubai.
For further assistance and appointments, please visit our page.

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