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fujairah medical center for visa

We are Fujairah medical center for visa. The UAE law makes it compulsory for Residence visa applicants to appear for a medical examination before applying for the visa. This medical examination is done at authorised medical screening centers that are located in different Emirates of the UAE.

We are an authorised Fujairah medical center for visa that offers screening service to applicants with utmost professionalism and care.

The intention behind medical screening

The medical screening is conducted to prevent certain communicable diseases from spreading. Therefore the medical screening is done to look after the health of the UAE community.

Physical examination

A doctor in charge conducts the physical examination.

Blood test

The physical examination is followed by an ordinary blood test.

X-ray of the chest

The applicant’s X-ray of the chest is also taken as part of screening.

Registration of the applicant

The applicant is supposed to register his/her name either by Walk-in or through online registration.The applicant may perform the online registration via the official Al Nahda Medical Examination Center website.

Attain the results

The test results are sent to the applicant via SMS and Email within the prescribed time. It takes 15-30 minutes for the completion of the screening. We definitely value your time.

Documents mandatory for Visa medical Fujairah

New Visa

Entry visa of the applicant


Passport size photo (Not more than 3 months old)

Visa renewal

Emirates ID of the applicant

Passport (Visa stamped)

Passport copy (Visa stamped)

Visa medical services in Fujairah

Al Nahda Medical Examination Center offers the A to Z of Visa medical screening services in Fujairah. And they are:

Dubai Visa Medical in Fujairah

Our Fujairah medical center for visa accepts Visa medical requirements irrespective of the Emirate. We are full-fledged to handle any Visa medical requirements from our branches located in Fujairah, Al Nahda (Dubai), Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah.

Apart from Dubai Visa we also undertake Abu Dhabi Visa medical in Fujairah.

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