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Visa Renewal In Dubai And Visa Stamping In Dubai

We provide Visa renewal in Dubai and Visa stamping in Dubai and the other UAE Emirates with utmost professionalism and efficacy.

The residence visa has to be renewed before its date of expiry. The Emirates ID of a UAE resident is legally valid only till the date of expiry of the resident visa.

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Visa Renewal In Dubai

All UAE residents are supposed to renew the residence visa within 30 days after the date of expiry. The 30 days time-frame is the grace period provided by the concerned GDFRA. Failing to renew the residence visa in the stipulated time will not be entertained and the resident will have to pay the fine amount connected with the same. The fine amount starts from AED 25/day.

If needed, you are also allowed to renew the residence visa prior to the date of expiry. This can be done with the consent of the concerned GDRFA.Visa renewal in Dubai and Visa stamping in Dubai


Prerequisites For Visa Renewal In Dubai


Visa Renewal Dubai Medical Test Certificate


Insurance Card


An ICA Receipt Or ICA Approved Renewed ID Card.

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Documents Required For Visa Stamping And Renewal In Dubai

The documents required for residence visa stamping & renewal are as follows: 

Family Visa Stamping & Renwal

documents for visa stambing dubai

Employment/Investor Visa Stamping & Renewal

We have registered Visa stamping centers in Dubai and all other Emirates of the UAE.
We provide Rakez visa service (visa stamping and renewal) from all our branches located in the Emirates of Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah and Ra Al Khaimah.
Our branches are authorised to provide Amer Centre services in the UAE. You may apply for passports, driving license, Health Cards and Emirates ID via Amer centres

Documents required for Visa stamping Ajman

Family Visa Renewal In Dubai

Family visa in Dubai is easily gettable if you can satisfy certain prerequisites prescribed by the government.
Our branches in Dubai and other Emirates also provide Family visa services Dubai (Visa stamping and renewal) for UAE residents. In order to sponsor family members, you are required to produce additional documents comprising of work contract, salary certificate, marriage certificate etc.